Yeah, it's Me... Saran!

I am an UI/UX expert based out of Silicon Valley of India - Bangalore. I have spent over 17 years in this industry and still exploring newer advancement. I have always wanted to design something since childhood day be it a pencil drawing or paper craft. Since I got my hands on computers, I been attracted to graphics deigning using Coral Draw then slowly moved to UI/UX development and made it my career after graduation.

My Motto

Pick a career that you love or at least the one you could dedicate time to! Or else you disgrace yourself and the career path.

Whats My Day Like?

For me an ideal day is a day that involves taking satisfying for the effort that I put in! Fortunately for me most of the work day are satisfactory, thanks to clients that I was involved with and their demanding requirement. My day starts with liberating ride in my Kawasaki Ninja filtering through the crazy rush hour traffic, by the time I reach office I am ready to take on any challenge be it technical or operational. Food (mostly chicken) is a big part of my creative output... for me good food generates great UI.

Happy DiwaliHappy Diwali

What did I Clicked! Lately!

I am trigger fingered! I love taking photos no matter where I am! I don’t mind if the pic is taken with an iPhone or with a DSLR! Photo is a photo no matter where it comes from… The pic could be a street dog barking at me or a supercar screaming through the road! But to be frank, most of my photos are of my food or my tech or nature!

My Bucket List