Yeah, that’s Me… Saran!

I am an UI/UX professional with over 14years of experience, but I prefer saying that I have over 30 yrs experience in creative field! Since childhood day I am know for stuff that create! I have done some art work (impressive enough to put other 4 year olds to shame), paper and cardboard craft works when I am old enough to handle a scissor or a pencil knife, later it is sticker cutting for automotive usage mostly, then when our school curriculum had electronics, I got into that as well (impressed every other school students with my creation like the color sensor, clap switch, smart lighting system etc.)

Finally around teen age time this digital creativity bug bit me! Ever since I am carrying this parasite in me and this infection is only growing in me! Started with print then slowed moved to web and to date sticking on to it! I guess I kind of inherited few traits from my parents.. yes My father is a investigative journalist for over 20 year with a famous news paper and mother a chemistry teacher with crafting as her hobby.

Want to know more… Please hold on! A newer version of my Portfolio coming soon!