Drive at the least a Lap in Nürburgring Race Track

Any real car guys dream would be a fast drive in a closed circuit. I being a very disciplined rider, maintain lane discipline, respect cops and roan rule to my core, so I cannot race in our road. Only way to suppress that adrenaline rush is by taking my fast Kawasaki Ninja to a track and have a blast. But finding a race track that I can open my throttle wide open is no where to be found.

Yeah, India do have “Buddh International Circuit” a F1 class track but its super expensive to rent, if you can rent it. And because we Indian are not used to the concept of track day, this is not going to come any time soon. So I wanted experience the best of best track for track day and there is this one track that keeps coming back to me again an again…it is Nürburgring Race Track located in Germany. Yeah its a 25.95 km long F1 class track so whats better to have it in as my bucket list. I guess I am getting old(turning 34 today), maybe the reason why I am creating a Bucket list.