Set foot in 100 Countries

Let me be frank I am not travel fanatic and I don’t easily get excited by traveling to a new place. But since I got my Passport, I been wondering a world trip. I recently visited Saudi Arabia and Bahrain for business and it changes my view towards traveling, in fact it turned me upside down. Now I wonder when my next trip will be and to which country! So a new bucket list item is mandatory… it is to set foot in at least 100 countries, I don’t mind whether it is for transit of a full on visit setting foot matters.

PS: 6 Countries Crossed (Few Multiple Times Even)

Saudi Arabia: 14th December, 2015.
Bharain: 02rd February, 2016.
Oman: 12th Febryary, 2017.
Dubai: 10th August, 2017.
Amsterdam: 6th October, 2018.
USA: 7th October, 2018.