Havin Best Time in Bengaluru ComicCon – 2022

I am a big time super hero movie fan and into it since childhood days. I love Marvel movies and technically watched almost all of them and some DC movies too. So finding me an event like ComicCon is just natural… I been attending Bengaluru ComicCon since 2017 and thanks to covid restrictions we dint have one in the last two years. But it is back this year and I just walked in on the first day the 19th November, 2022.

Tickets - ComicCon Bangalore 2022

I initially though of booking the ticket online but I dint! But that stupid mistake did saved a lot of time as the online booking counter had super long que and for on-spot booking there is none… So we got in like 5 times faster. This time around, the crowd is big but the vibe is missing.

Mandalorian Cosplay - Bangalore ComicCon 2022

This is the first time ever I find myself wondering, who is who! Most cosplayers have taken the Anime route and my favourite Marvel and DC characters are hidden in the sea of Japanese characters. I did find some cool know characters in this ComicCon like this cool Mandalorian cosplayer even before we entered the main podium.

Jocker - Cosplay - Bangalore ComicCon 2022

Technically Jocker is a character which is quite easy as he took many iteration over time… But this time not many Jockers but this guy out there was one of the best I have ever seen in Bangalore CC. So he is so popular and always surrounded by fans to click selfies.

Deathstroke - Cosplay - Bangalore ComicCon 2022

I personally don’t know that much about DC Comics except for Batman and Justice League so I would have missed a few! This Deathstroke is one of the coolest too and I have click a pic of him. His bullet garland and jackets are the coolest parts of his costume.

Loki - Cosplay - Bangalore ComicCon 2022

Loki - Cosplay - Bangalore ComicCon 2022

When I said I dint find many Marvel characters, I could have jumped in sooner before counting all the Lokis! Thanks to the Loki series, there are Lokis in every form… And these two Loki are my favourite. Good they dint bring in a gator too, which would have freaked everybody out!

Multiverse of Spiderman - Cosplay - Bangalore ComicCon 2022

Ironman is my favourite and this year I dint find many! But I found my next favourite in MCU, which is Spiderman and plenty of them with brilliant details. Its like experiencing Spiderver in real life with multiple versions of Spiderman to interact and click selfies.

Spiderman - Cosplay - Bangalore ComicCon 2022

Overall I had a great time with all these cool people and I also had great time shopping! Only thing I hated last time and worse this time is the food situation… Maybe next time it turns out good. This event came in as a relief to all those curious people who want to get out and have fun!