Watching Beast (Tamil Movie) in Big Screen

Watching movies in big screen is a different kind of fun, especially if that movie is filled with action sequence of next level! I love watching movies in cinemas but I pick very few movies of that kind of experience… Beast (Tamil movie) is one such movie and very special one too as this is first movie that I am watching in over 3year and also my first movie experience with my soulmate!

Beast Movie - Poster

We managed to get ticket in PVR screen in Vega City, Bangalore via BookMyShow. We opted for Tamil version as this movie feels original in it… The show started on time and as expected the movie started with a big bang intro! Movie got into its own pace and I loved the first half… whistling all along with my partner! Cinema experience is incomplete with Popcorn and we did pick a medium size bucket and finished only a bit but felt great!

Beast Movie - Popcorn

Both me and my wifey are Vijay fan so we enjoyed it pretty well. The movie had its ups and downs but action and Vijay’s acting scores very high in my books! Over all we would like to rate this movie 7.5/10! Next movie that we would love to watch in cinema is “Top Gun”, which is coming in around 27th May!