Dubai Here I Come… Again!

I am not a travel freak, but I still love traveling… I am very picky and Dubai is one of my top tree (Dubai, New York City and Germany) places to visit and live. I love visiting places for work or pleasure but last few years I dint even leave my city due Covid restrictions but all that is about to change! Yeah I got married around May last year and postponing our honeymoon… Finally after evaluating open options (Russia, Maldives, Egypt and Dubai) picked Dubai as the timing and weather works the best for us.

Dubai Travel - Passports

This being a Covid season, traveling International is a bit hectic… So many RTPCR tests even before you leave the airport is definitely not nice but light at the other end is great. Yeah we have to be there in Bangalore airport 8 hours earlier so we reached early and waited and waited and coffees and breakfast and waiting! Finally our airline counter opened and we were sent to final rapidPCR.

FlyDubai Flight

Thee test results came in around 30mins and we are inside… Moved through security check and immigration fast as the que is almost not there! Then its time to relax and find something to bite! By then the flight is here, and we were running for it so as many other excited travellers.

Insta360 Inflight

The trip felt a little weird as we have to wear masks all through an airport felt little empty too! But we kept our thoughts on our trip and had some fun in flight… My wifey started taking pics on her phone and I was so excited to put my Insta360 One X2 to test and took this beautiful shot even before we took off from Bangalore Airport! We have the whole trip itinerary planned lets see how it goes! Catch you on the other side!