Next Gen End-to-End Cargo Management System CROAMIS Unveiled

CROAMIS is a next gen end-to-end cargo management system for the aviation industry developed via an innovative co-funded model between Wipro and Qatar Airways. CROAMIS stands for “Cargo Reservations, Operations, Accounting and Management Information System” and targeted at Airlines, ground handling companies and organizations involved in revenue accounting for air cargo. It is a single solution that provides effective application base to perform day to day activities and also enhance planning efficiency.

Croamis Cargo Management

Because it is offered as both “Software On-premise” and “Software-as-a-Service” (SaaS) models so the customizations takes top priority. Yes I said customizations, the modules can be added to the package on the fly and the UI is customisable!

CROAMIS is developed in SPA (single page application) pattern, which uses Java as its backend and frontend duty is handled by HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery. This app being a B2B application has lot of data manipulation so an optimised JSON is utilized to push and pull data onto the grids. Coming to the Grids we used jqGrids that solved most of our CRUD requirements. This App is massive and there are over 300+ screens to be developed, so an effective framework was designed to keep the quality top class. This Application gave me a lot of challenges, like its novel requirements which paved way some state of component like LOV(list of values). This LOV aids the user to quickly pick a code and any other relevant data associated with it, saving time without hampering the UX.

Every thing from login page background graphics to the application icons will change color along with the theme switch. Thanks to the usage build time less rendering and scalable vector graphics (SVG) usage, which gives optimal graphics rendering without sacrificing quality and most importantly you don’t have to create a new set of icons when a need for new color theme comes up. This application supports multilingual implementation so effective language switch mechanism using i18n standards.