Started exploring Figma for UI/UX Design

Been using Photoshop ever since I started my career as a web designer and a developer. But Figma seems promising and the community support is really awesome, so giving it a shot.

Visual Studio Code

I have been a UI developer for over 18 years and Adobe Dreamweaver has been by coding buddy since 2023… Finally its time to update and Eclipse IDE dint cut it for me. Finally a colleague suggested Visual Studio Code and I was fairly surprised by what it can do and it seems like a […]


Adobe Dreamweaver is My HTML Editor from Now

Since day one I been switching between Microsoft Front-page and Notepad for HTML and CSS development. And now I decided to take my developer skills to the next level so added Adobe Dreamweaver for a 30 day trial and I was impressed! I would start developing all my web pages using Adobe Dreamweaver and see […]


Adobe Photoshop added to My Skill

Since I got a 30day trail version of Photoshop in this month’s edition of “Chip”, I am really hooked! I have started exploring the possibility to its limit all by myself. Following some tutorial in the same CD and it opens up new possibility. Manipulating photos the way you want is a nice. Creating design […]


Coral Draw my First Graphics Editor

I love drawing and coloring since my childhood day… So when I got my first computer (yeah the real one) I loaded it with some designing software like Photo Impact, Power Point and finally Coral Draw to enhance my skills in digital graphics. Coral Draw is not that simple(especially drawing with a mouse) but the […]