Joined Mindtree Limited, Bangalore Today

Today marks a very important milestone in my professional life and to some extent my personal life as well! This time around its “Mindtree Limited” an Indian multinational information technology and outsourcing company headquartered in Bengaluru, India. I said its partially a personal life event because just like “Wipro”, Mindtree also was once my dream company for the employee friendly work environment and work/life balance. So when I got an option to join this beautiful company, I said YES!

The interview happened on 18th November in a posh hotel called “Shangri-La Hotel” as a part of their “Leadership Career Drive” The interview went for over five hours and after three rounds I got the confirmation that I made it through. The offer was released the next friday and I accepted it after analyzing it inside out!

Today being the “Induction Day”, I have to go to their Global Village Campus, which is roughly 30kms away from my residence. We did some documentation work, some orientation session, then our company ID Card was made and the day ended up with campus tour! Today was fun and already made some friends to hangout with. Tomorrow we will have some more orientation, salary account mapping and laptop request to be done. And all this induction procedure should be completed by this Wednesday and will start contribution in no time.

Designation: UI Architect
Band: C5
Location: Whitefield, Bangalore, India.