Upgrading My Smart Phone – iPhone 5 Out iPhone8 In

Finally Apple is Launching its iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 plus today, and I have made to get it on the first day… So pre-booked few days back with Reliance Digital just to make sure I get my hands on one on day one. I am getting an Black iPhone 8 with 64gb memory as I love that form factor kind of works for me.

iPhone 8 - Reliance Digital

I was not trilled by iPhone X so I have to wait for that to mature. I used my trusty old iPhone 5 for over four year and finally decided to upgrade, iPhone 8 is perfect and the newer OS works perfectly with this device.

My Brand New iPhone 8

Once I unboxed it took less than an hour to get everything from my older device to this new iPhone 8, thanks to seamless transition experience. Yeah even the wallpaper was restored like miracle. Hoping to have more fun with this guy.