MeSaran V3.0 Goes Live is my personal portfolio, which is instrumental since its inception back in 2002. I created this site not just to showcase my work but also to push my creativity without any limit but me. Today it goes live again with WordPress’s power backing its HTML5 frontend. I wanted this version to be bright and vivid so brought in some deep shades to pop out even in a sea of portfolio.

MeSaran V3.0

This version take full advantage of HTML5 and CSS3 to produce out that is not just good to look at but also loads fast enough put other rich UI website to shame! Its a version that I call a connected site… I am big fan of syndication site and wanted to create my own version, this my first attempt and hoping to sharpen it in course of Tim. This site now pulls feeds from my Facebook, Twitter, Delicious, Flickr and Even YouTube and creates post giving me freedom that I always wanted!

MeSaran V3.0 - Mobile Variant

I also have dedicated mobile version that is switched by PHP detection device’s user agent and automatically switching theme. So I have to create two theme, this way I reduced the load to mobile theme thereby increasing the performance.