Today I Joined Sapient Corporation

Hello Guys, today is an other day when I get excited to tell you about the new company that I just joined! Yeah I have made an other switch and this time I am really excited because I am back in Bangalore! I am joining Sapient, a marketing and consulting company that provides business, marketing, and technology services to clients from around the multiple geography. I should typically be a part of SapientNitro as it caters to UX/UI requirements bit more than Sapient Global Markets and Sapient Government Services. Lets wait and see…

I came down from Hyderabad(few weeks back) for the interview process in Bangalore… I had a machine test, which basically is a coding test (html/css/javascript) followed by review of the same and finally a manager discussion. I almost spent an entire day here in their Bangalore office, which actually made me take this offer over other. The Human Resource team did an exceptional job keeping me cool, they even offered us all candidates some quick bites. I heard from some other candidates that they are given commutation options as well. By now I have made my mind to take this offer if other parameters are met? Why you may ask… I believe, if a company treats its interview candidates with respect they sure will treat its employees well as well.

Here is a fun fact about Sapient, when you join! In general most companies would have a day long induction procedure but with Sapient its for an entire week! Yes FIVE days! I am super pumped to experience this wonderful week! I have so many expectations with this company and the review seems to be on par with my expectations. One great thing about Sapient is that this is the first company that specialize in UX/UI service as a part of their portfolio so I will get to work with some really fine minds in UX business! Wow!

Designation: Senior UI Developer
Team: Studio
Band: SA L1
Location: GR Tech Park, Bangalore, India.