Joined Tarang Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Its time for yet an other switch, this time I am moving into a CMM-level5 company, which itself is exciting! I had my eyes in this company for some time now for its people friendly environment. The interview happened few days back and offer was released immediately on the same day, the role promised is good and compensation is also good.

The promised roles which existed me the most is the client list, which includes big joints like Wipro, Volvo, Mphasis and more. And also as a part of design team (first time ever in my career, I will work with a team) which gives me some exposure of working with a team.Today is all about paper works, team introduction and system setup. These guys have a small yet fully functional kitchen and the food is really delicious. Because I opted for transport, I will have to get that sorted too today!

Designation: Web Designer
Location: Whitefield, Bangalore, India.