Joined Ecosmos Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Today marks an other milestone in my profession career, why because I am slowly climbing the ladder and this particular step is of importance. This particular company is gain a proprietor owned company but has around 60 employees and has two offices in Bangalore. Moving up from a small company to a bigger company is fun and expectation will obviously be more too but I am up for it!

The interview happened few weeks back in the same office (M.G.Road branch) with my reporting manager, Shoan Motwani. The technical interview went very well and I could make out that I made it after round one! But I was patient and waited for the proper words to come officially, which happened after salary negation and I was really happy. One main reason I was happy is the location, which is almost the center of the city and one of the posh location in all of Bangalore.

After I finished my first day ritual(paper works, bank job and system setup) I was introduced to my team, which consist of few developers. My first job’s background was revealed and that is purely on Flash so I have challenge my limits. Though the job is looks challenging, the colleagues are super supportive and this guy Surej even took me out for lunch and showed me around to break Ice.

Designation: Web Designer
Location: M.G.Road, Bangalore, India.