Joined Net27 Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Finally I got a job in silicon valley of India, Bangalore. Yeah after few months of job hunting I found myself in small startup web service provider called Net27 Technologies, they are located in J.P. Nagar. Its is a newly started small company with only two developers and one being me. Though small this company seem to have some challenging projects to explore my skills in the field of web-design and development.

The interview happened in the same location few weeks back and quite a few turned up. I had two round of interview, both technical and by the end of the interview I got the offer, which is decent. Within few day I got a call from the HR and got joining detail and formalities via phone.

Today being the first day, its all about paper works, introduction and system setup, which took all of the first day half. Second half went on some gossip with my colleague, who is working here in Bangalore for some time now so I am taking some tips on travel and shopping etc. Being a proprietor owned company, there is an other operations person(name Sowmya) who also works out of the same office and doubles up as HR executive.

Designation: Web Designer
Location: J.P. Nagar, Bangalore, India.